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Vans v2.1 MTB Lock On Grips

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Vans v2.1 MTB Lock On Grips

The newest addition to the ODI line brings a welcome facelift to the popular Van Lock-On grip. An iconic old school classic redefined for optimised comfort and control. Two Southern California original shave once again teamed up to create another modern-day classic design.

Featuring an updated design of the classic VansĀ® waffle sole pattern and constructed of our proprietary Soft Compound TPE material, these grips provide exceptional feedback and control. The addition of the new v2.1 Single-Clamp Lock-On system makes installation a breeze and ensures that your grips stay put no matter what the conditions. Coming in six awesome colours with special edition etched clamps to fit every riders needs.

This modern take on the Vans grip gives a nice refresh whilst still providing the rider with that classic Vans design they have come to love. These grips will appeal to a wide range of riders from many genres and we even expect them to be a hit with anyone and everyone who loves Vans!


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