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Peaty’s Protect and Shine


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Peaty’s Protect and Shine

Peaty’s protect and shine is here to bring the steed back to ready-race finish. You can spray onto paints, metals, plastics or carbon parts. Spray sparingly onto your stanchions and seals to reduce frictions. Furthermore, it keeps shafts slippery smooth and protect rubbers from prematurely drying up.

In addition, applying liberally to your frame will build up a protective silicone film which reduced mud cling and makes future cleaning easier. Less time cleaning… more time riding!

  1. Shake thoroughly before use. Apply from a distance of 10-20cm onto a claim, dry surface.
  2. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth then, buff until it sparkles.
  3. To avoid overspray and brake contamination apply directly

CAUTION: Do not apply to brake components and tyre treads.

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