Muc Off Punk Powder


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The Muc Off Punk Powder is formulated using the latest technological advancements and the finest biodegradable ingredients (75% of which are plant-based!). As a result, our newest creation is not only incredibly safe for you and the environment, but also for all bikes and finishes.

Muc Off Punk Powder delivers the signature cleaning power you’ve come to expect but, with readily biodegradable ingredients and 92% less packaging than two of our standard 1L bottles it truly is a guilt-free gleam! Furthermore, the fast-dissolving formula means it’s ready for use within seconds of water being added and if you want to go full eco-warrior you can even use collected rainwater! Simply reuse your old Muc-Off bottle or grab one of our new aluminium Bottles for Life and get busy cleaning.

However, It’s not just the powder that’s green and mean (on grime) but, the packaging too because it’s 100% plastic-free, and each sachet is compostable (certified to EN 13432 standard) and made from renewable raw materials. In addition, we’ve even used vegetable-based inks!

Moreover,  from production right through to the powder itself, sustainability is built in. Therefore, you can shred hard with a clean bike and conscience. Punk Powder is the future of bike cleaning and the future is here!

  • 100% plastic-free packaging
  • Readily biodegradable
  • 100% water-free
  • 92% saving in packaging compared to 2 x 1L Nano Tech Bike Cleaner
  • 100% environmentally friendly ingredients, including plant-based raw materials
  • Supplied in a compostable sachet and printed with vegetable inks
  • FSC recycled card box containing 4 x sachets – that makes 4L of bike cleaner
  • Safe on all parts and surfaces including carbon fibre
  • Will not harm seals, cables, disc brake pads or rotors
  • Alkaline-based and free from alcohol, CFCs, solvents or acids
  • Vegan & vegetarian friendly
  • Cruelty-free, not tested on animals
  • Dissolves easily in any type of water. Cold, warm and hot. Hard or soft.
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