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Muc-Off 8 in 1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit


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The Muc-Off 8 in 1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit is perfect for any lover of bikes. Complete with our Nano Tech Bike Cleaner, Expanding Microcell Sponge, Soft Washing Brush, Detailing Brush, Claw Brush, Two Prong Brush, Bike Spray and Storage Tub this kit has pretty much everything you need to keep your bike looking nice and tidy. It makes a great Christmas or Birthday gift for your bicycle obsessed friends and family.

This kit isn’t style specific either. No matter if you’re into Road, MTB, Cyclocross or just getting from A to B, our 8 in 1 kit solves even the most annoying bike cleaning problems!

NB: To maintain performance of all brushes avoid use with boiling water and on hot parts. We recommend using warm water and allowing all hot parts to cool before use.

  • Nano Tech Bike Cleaner for quick and easy cleaning
    • Breaks down dirt and grime on a molecular level
    • Fully biodegradable, free from acids, solvents and CFCs
    • Safe on all surfaces, including carbon fibre
  • Bike Spray for post-wash protection against rust & corrosion
    • Drives out excess moisture after cleaning
    • High performance formula leaves dry, non-sticky protective film
    • Safe on frame, metal parts, plastics, rubber, paint and carbon fibre
  • Expanding Microcell Sponge
    • Ergonomic shape for maximum comfort and ease of use
    • Suitable for all types of vehicle
    • Less plastic use for packaging
    • Place it in water and watch it grow
  • Soft Washing Brush
    • Rubber edges for maximum protection
    • Oversized head for fast cleaning
    • Dual density handle for tough grip
  • Detailing Brush
    • Rubberised impact zones for surface protection
    • Durable nylon bristles
    • Impact resistant handle
  • Claw Brush
    • Ideal for cleaning your bike’s chain and sprockets
    • Durable, firm bristles to help lift tough grease & grime
    • 3x brush heads and scraper tool for a thorough drivetrain clean
  • Two Prong Brush
    • Twin head design that can be repositioned to reach tight areas
    • Rubberised handle to prevent damage to frame
    • Durable nylon bristles, great for lifting grime
  • Complete with a handy storage / parts washer tub


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