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Deity Crosshair Headset Cap



Perfect finishing touch to your Deity cockpit

Complete 1 1/8” Aluminium Headset Cap Kit

Features 7075 T6 Machined Aluminium Bolt

Includes 3mm, 5mm, and 8mm Spacers

Spacers Feature a Thin Profile For a Minimalist Style

Countersunk Bolt Design

Kit Includes the Star Nut

Weight: 13 grams (without star nut)


***Pro Installation Tip: Apply grease on the underside of the aluminum countersunk bolt (between the bolt and top cap) and also apply grease on the threads for a proper fit! Finish tightening with the bike on the ground and headset fully engaged.


***Pro Installation Tip: If you’re running a Cane Creek headset, make sure the original 0.5mm stainless spacer that comes with your Cane Creek headset is installed on your Cane Creek Top-Cover assembly (as per the Cane Creek instructions) before installing the DEITY spacers and torquing the Top Cap to 1.1Nm to 1.7Nm

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