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Abus Steel-O-Chain 8900K


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Abus Steel-O-Chain 8900K 85cm


A lock that you can rely on. The Abus Steel-O-Chain 8900k. This model’s textile sleeve hides an 8mm square chain. The chain and structural parts are manufactured from specially hardened steel. As a result, a robust product is created.

Furthermore, the lock also features an extremely high-quality locking cylinder. Therefore, the lock is secured again tampering such as lock-picking.

 The cylinder includes two reversible keys which make operation very user-friendly. In situations where there is an average risk of theft , the ABUS Chain Lock 8900 is a great way to secure your bike.

  • 8 mm square chain with textile sleeve. Therefore, helping to prevent damage to the paintwork.
  • The chain, the lock body and supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel.
  • High-quality locking cylinder. Also, with a user-friendly reversible key for maximum protection against tampering, e.g. lock-picking.
  • Two keys are supplied in the scope of delivery.
  • Security level 10.
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